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Our Capabilities

Rubber Injection Molding

VRC has over 250 molding presses for rubber injection molding, and compression, transfer, and flashless mold processes.  Our equipment ensures quality results and is outfitted with vacuum lock features, heating systems, and isobars that maintain constant mold temperatures.

Compression Molding

VRC can construct molds that must work in concert with others; our mold-making abilities and extensive knowledge ensure that we produce the desired results even for the most complicated job.

Manufacturing Automation

Plastic Injection Molding

VRC has extensive experience in the design and custom manufacturing of thermoplastic components.

Manufacturing Automation equipment improves safety, delivery-time, and reduces costs. VRC has added twelve REP and five Desma rubber presses, along with two Toshiba plastics presses to our inventory, adding to the wide range of molding equipment that range in scale from 10 to 565 tons.

Injection Molding Equipment

◆ 250+ injection Molding Machines

◆ 2-Shot Capability
◆ 28 to 1,450 Tons

◆ This allows us to produce parts from 1 ounce to 14 pounds

◆ Gas Assist Molding System
◆ MoldFlow Computer Aided Engineering Station
◆ Servo-Driven Robots
◆ Blending Equipment
◆ Low Pressure Vacuum Dryers
◆ RJG Monitoring System
◆ Vision Inspection Systems
◆ Collaborative Robots

Custom Formula Development

VRC specializes in the design and manufacture of custom-molded products

Design Engineering

Customers find VRC to be a strong partner and prefer our involvement early in a project. VRC offers part design assistance to help with molding and cost.

Complex Custom Shapes

VRC has vast experience manufacturing complex, custom products. Clients value our ability to rapidly prototype parts for design using the same material compound to be used in production. Custom shapes can be one independent material or bonded and assembled with other components for a more complex part.

Dynamic Testing

Dynamic seal testing accurately simulates the extreme limits of operating conditions.  VRC can assist with your project by running tests that can predict or verify performance points under specified conditions.

Finishing/Secondary Services

VRC offers a variety of finishing capabilities that both simplify and reduce cost of production. 

Large Tonnage Molding

VRC added equipment that can produce larger parts with minimal waste, thereby lowering production cost.  Its newest presses will be used to manufacture parts like large air ductswiring grommetsspecialty seals and other complex parts.

High Temp Plastic Molding

VRC's capabilities extend to thermoset rubber molding. With this level of operational flexibility, as well as our extensive menu of secondary operations and finishing services, we are truly a single-source solution for any production challenge.

In Mold Decorating

VRC has pursued technological advances, invested in advanced technology, and perfected best practices in order to handle complex jobs with demanding lead times.

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